Michael Douglas: “You Can Give Me a Hug”

At the end of his candid interview with David Letterman, stage four cancer-stricken Michael Douglas told Letterman, “You can give me a hug”, in response to the host’s statement that, “I feel like I wanna do something for you Can I do something for you?”

(Indeed, I personally would want to give him a hug, if only I could, but I guess I will have to “settle” for just praying for him and his speedy recovery.)

Douglas, who was diagnosed with stage four throat cancer on August 16, was still upbeat, honest and in good spirits during his appearance on Letterman’s show considering that he has just completed his first week of intense chemotherapy and radiation.

According to him, the odds are in his favor with an 80 percent or better chance of recovery. Add to this the positive news that his cancer remains above the neck.

Douglas will soon be seen in the hotly anticipated sequel to Wall Street  – “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps”.

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