Michael Douglas’ Chemo is Beginning to Work

This is a piece of good news. Reports say Michael Douglas’ chemo treatments are beginning to work.

Not only is his newest movie, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps the top movie-going crowd drawer this weekend, but Michael Douglas’ exhausting chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment is apparently beginning to work.

Douglas was quoted as saying, “The tumor is shrinking and the odds are looking good.”

“I like my odds. I’m not dealing with mortality issues until they tell me: ‘Oops, we have to go back and do surgery’ or something. Put it this way: I haven’t found God yet.”

Michael also described his past year as “very nasty” and that “There’s never a really great time for cancer but this is one for the books, I was really upset early on but I’ve had time to realize that stuff happens.”

It will be recalled that Douglas went in for a series of tests following bouts with severe sore throat, but doctors did not find anything to even indicate a stage 4 throat cancer prognosis.

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