MGM Grand chemical leak at pool creates pandemonium

MGM Grand chemical leak at pool creates pandemonium – A chemical leak at the pool area of the MGM grand arena in Las Vegas created a pandemonium Friday. Metro Police were ordered to block off an area near the intersection of Audrie Street and Harmon Avenue after a chlorine leak occurred in the MGM Grand’s pool area. About 100 people were treated for breathing difficulties and 1,500 others were evacuated.

There were 1,500 people the pool area when the chlorine began to smell at about 1:30pm. They were immediately evacuated and fire department crew treated about 100 people to determine whether they needed hospital care, Richard Brenner, hazardous materials coordinator for the Clark County Fire Department said.

The source of the chemical leak was the water in the lazy river which became over-chlorinated after a pump malfunctioned. A chlorine gas began evaporating off the water, filling the pool area with the noxious smell, he said.

The source of the leak had now been fixed and the MGM Grand pool area was reopened at 4:30 p.m. Friday.

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