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Meteor Shower in Iowa Wisconsin Excites Meteor Spectators

December 25, 2014 by · 2 Comments 

Iowa, Wisconsin – Various meteor shower spectators felt excited as they waited last night’s meteor shower named Gamma Virginids in Northern Iowa in Wisconsin.

Accordingly, the meteor shower event struck at around 10pm Central Time. Spectators from Iowa Wisconsin described it as a giant green fireball which lit the sky for several seconds and was seen for about 15 minutes Illnois, Ohio, Missouri and Indiana before it was broken down into pieces.

Based on the report of the National Weather Service in this meteor shower event, “the fireball was seen over the northern sky moving from west to east. Well before it reached the horizon, it broke up into smaller pieces and was lost from sight.”

If you missed viewing last night’s meteor shower, we have here a youtube video which shows the meteor shower as seen in Northern Iowa. Wow, I just hope that I’ve seen it too with my naked eyes.


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2 Responses to “Meteor Shower in Iowa Wisconsin Excites Meteor Spectators”
  1. Rick says:

    Why did I get a chill up adn down my spine when I saw the video?

  2. Robert A. Szep says:

    YOUR story said the BOLIDE lit-up the sky for several seconds, AND, was seen for 15 minutes… WHICH WAS IT??? A “fireball” of 15 minutes in duration is a physical IMPOSSIBILITY!!! Let me know when some actual METEORITES are recovered from this event. Then YOU will have an actual story… Fireballs are a daily occurrence and are ONLY newsworthy when they spawn “cosmic-treasure.” Best Regards, Robert A. Szep.

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