Members of Opus Dei Face Slavery Charges


The ultra-secretive Catholic organization is perhaps popularly known through its fictional depiction in The Da Vinci Code, but the slavery charges that were slapped on some of its members in a Paris court, on Thursday, is definitely real. The plaintiff, Catherine Tissier, claimed that she was forced to work as a servant for no pay in return. She says that her labor consisted of cleaning and serving for 14 hours per day, every day of the week.

This recent case is the culmination of a nine-year investigation into the group’s inner-workings. The defendants in the case are high-ranking officials from a school and religious retreat near Paris. The defendants deny the allegations and claimed that the plaintiff was paid fairly.

Opus Dei is backed by the Catholic Church and has an estimated 85,000 members worldwide. The group has received much criticism from the public due to their secretive nature and is accused of conspiratorial acts. More information about the group, through their own words, can be found at their website.


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