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Meet Sandra Bullock’s New Baby

December 8, 2014 by · 1 Comment 

Sandra Bullock talks about the new baby in her life with People magazine.

Sandra Bullock sure had her up and downs this year. From winning an Oscar to enduring the break up of her marriage.

SANDRA Bullock has revealed that she adopted a three-month-old baby boy with her estranged husband Jesse James.

In an interview with People magazine, the Oscar-winner confirmed that she would now be a single parent to son Louis Bardo Bullock.

Louis,3-and-a-half pound, round bundle of bady boy joy who was born in New Orleans, was formally welcomed into the Bullock family in January after a four-year adoption process.They kept it as a secret until the awards season ended.And now after the divorce, she is now completing the adoption as a single parent.She actually kept virtually all visitors out of her home, including stylists and make-up artists working with her for the awards.

Bullock told PEOPLE she chose that name because she heard Louis Armstrong’s song “What A Wonderful World” playing in her head when she first saw him.

“I did not want him brought into a world that would not have been too sincere to him as I wanted,” Bullock told PEOPLE. “I wanted to be alone with him as long as I could then we had to tell his story.”

Well the adoption maybe gave more justice to Sandra Bullock’s role as Leigh Anne Tuohy in The Blind Side and perhaps explains why she went after the role of the wealthy white Houston business woman who takes in homeless black Michael Oher, who then becomes a football star at Ole Miss and now plays for The Baltimore Ravens.

As for James’ infidelity,after news broke that he had an 11-month affair with tattooed temptress Michelle McGee, Bullock tells People that she had no idea until the day she got the call. And what she did immediately was to pack her bag and leave the house with Louis.

“I’m sad and I am scared,” Bullock says of her decision to divorce James, but her son has brought some joy back into her life: “He’s just perfect, I can’t even describe him any other way.” She hopes Louis can experience “that father I have known Jesse to be” someday, and says she still plans to co-parent James’ children. James, according to a statement, still hopes for a reconciliation.

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One Response to “Meet Sandra Bullock’s New Baby”
  1. Baby world says:

    Sandra’s baby is beautiful. I hope that the baby found a home and happiness. Thank you for having shared this with us.

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