Mayweather vs Mosley 24/7 Episode 4

The Mayweather vs Mosley fight will be held tomorrow. We will witness once again another two great boxing champions as they fight for the WBO Welterweight Champion belt in MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Looking at the odds of this boxing fight, it seems that it’s hard to tell who between them will win this match. Mayweather remains undefeated in all 40 matches in his entire boxing career. Meanwhile, Mosley’s had a lot more winnings by KO’s than Mayweather.

If you are asking what time is the fight time of Mayweather vs Mosley tomorrow, it would be held May 1 at 9pm Eastern Time or 6pm Pacific Time.

I was able to watch their Mayweather vs Mosley 24/7 Episode 4 video in HBO and the two boxing fighters are training very hard to give their best in the boxing match tomorrow. For the rest of the videos, you can watch it at HBO since they are scheduled to air it on April 30, 2010 at 8:30 PM Eastern Time / 5:30 PM Pacific Time.

For those of you who were not able to watch the last episode of Mayweather vs Mosley 24/7 in HBO, you can catch the second and third portions of the Episode 4 below.

Mayweather vs Mosley 24/7 Episode 4 Part 2:


Mayweather vs Mosley 24/7 Episode 4 Part 3:


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