Maundy Thursday Meaning and Maundy Thursday History

Today, April 1, 2010, all Catholics around the world celebrate Maundy Thursday. Some are familiar with this part of the Holy Week while some are totally ignorant on what does Maundy Thursday stand for.

So what’s the meaning of Maundy Thursday? To find out the answer, let’s go back to its history. According to the Bible, Maundy Thursday is the event where Catholics commemorate the Last Supper of Jesus Christ with His Apostles.

Also known as “Holy Thursday”, “Covenant Thursday”, and “Thursday of Mysteries”, Maundy Thursday is the fifth day of Holy Week just before Good Friday and after Holy Wednesday.

Maundy Thursday should be another day for Catholics to remember Jesus Christ’s Passion to save us from our sins. Various traditions are made during this day of the Holy Week.  Some are maintaining the yearly “Visita Iglesia” where they visit at least seven churches and pray while some are just watching films and shows that are geared towards the Holy Week such as “The Ten Commandments” and “The Passion of Christ”.

Nevertheless, Maundy Thursday should be the time for us Catholics to reflect and ponder to repent from our sins and to be a good Samaritan among other people.

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