Matt Lauer Cheating? True or Rumor?

News of infidelity has been the trend nowadays. A day after the other, we would be able to hear that someone famous has cheated. It all started since Tiger Wood’s case has spread tremendously. Then followed by Sandra’s husband, Jesse James. And for the latest news now, it would be Matt Lauer, the NBC personality.

Who is Matt Lauer anyway? Matt Lauer is known to be married to the model Annette Roque in the year 1998. They were blessed with 3 children but during Roque’s third Pregnancy, Roque and Matte Lauer were separated. A divorce was filed in 2006 but then they were reported to have reconciled.

What seems to have happened? Was there an infidelity in the part of Lauer that might be the reason for the filed divorce? According to some sources, the infidelity is really true and Roque has been suspecting it already. He has been rumored to have hooked up with a 25 year old married lady. To names ever came out yet. For sure, in the soonest time, this issue would be made clear.

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