Masters Golf 2010 Leaderboard: So Far So Good for Tiger Woods

It seems that God is giving Tiger Woods a second chance in his professional golf career. After a five-month layoff in his golf career, Tiger Woods is looking great in his third position in the latest third round results of the Masters 2010 Golf Tournament leaderboard.

Notwithstanding the mental aspect of things, Tiger Woods has managed to put himself in a very good position to win. I mean come to think of it. Here is a man whose marriage is in crisis, whose reputation has been shattered, whose psyche has been broken down in intensive therapy sessions, and whose every move is so closely criticized.

We have seen Tiger Woods performed in round 1 of the Masters Golf Tournament 2010 placing seventh in the leaderboard and making two eagles in one, the first time it happened in his professional golf career. In round 2 of the Masters, Tiger Woods advanced in the third spot of the leaderboard making a shot of 2-under 70. That lead continued in the third round placing him again in the third spot.

Well, I personally salute Tiger Woods for being able to separate his professional golf career into his personal life. I think that’s a feat that everyone should be proud about Tiger. Go Tiger!

2 thoughts on “Masters Golf 2010 Leaderboard: So Far So Good for Tiger Woods

  1. I hope Tiger loses. He needs a little humility after what he put his wife and kid through. I hate hearing all you sports guys out there say, “good on Tiger for being able to separate his personal life with his his professional life”, or Tiger saying, “It’s never been a problem”, when asked about the pressure of his scandal and his game. Seems he is pretty detached from his actions and I hope he loses. I have no problems with man whoring but he put up a front and gave everyone a false sense for who he is. He chose to get married and now he’s schmoozing with his 17 year old neighbor and keeping time with strippers and porn stars. Class act..

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