Mass Save Great Appliance Exchange

Good news for Boston Residents after Massachusetts Governor Patrick announced today that the day will be using stimulus money to give discounts to residents who will exchange their used appliances for energy efficient models.

The announcement followed today’s celebration of Earth Day, an annual celebration being observed by the people around the world.

The residents are given rebate coupons which they could use to get big discounts when they exchange their old appliances with the green ones. The Great appliance exchange is being done at Mass Save. The Mass Save Great Appliance Exchange started issuing rebate coupons this morning and it will end on May 5, 2010. Residents are now being encouraged to exchange their old appliances for the new ones which are more energy efficient.

This concerted effort by the government aims to reduce Massachusetts’ energy consumption by providing household equipments which are more energy efficient.

To avail of this government offer, please log on to

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