Mark Ingram To Miss Season Opener With Knee Injury

Alabama Crimson Tide tailback Mark Ingram is expected to miss the season opening game against San Jose State. The Heisman winner injured his left knee during practice on Monday. Ingram is expected to come back soon but would be doubtful to play the Tide’s first three games that include Penn State and Duke.

Alabama remains a title contender this season with Trent Richardson, Eddie Lacey and Demetrius Goode in the lineup. The opening game against Penn State may not be a tough hurdle for Alabama but the second game against Penn State will put them to the test. Alabama should hope that Ingram would be back by their fourth game that could be crucial as they face Arkansas.

Ingram may have to worry less about winning another national title and more about a second Heisman trophy. He could miss at least the first three games of the season and it gives other Heisman contenders enough head start.

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