March 14 is Pi Day: 3.14159265358979…

The world celebrates March 14 (Sunday) as the Pi Day. The sum of the ratio of circumference to diameter of a circle. It is simply amazing that this particular number couldn’t reach an end. This number is famous for those geeks and geniuses and such a coincidence that is being celebrated in the same day that we celebrate Albert Einstein’s Birthday. March 14 is the day because if you’ll try analyze it closely, numerical equivalent of March 14 is 3-14, the first 3 numbers of the Pi.

The day was even recognized by the US House of Representatives and they are encouraging that the number would be emphasized in schools. The famous number has been so famous and important to engineers and all other math related work. Last Friday, the last day before it would be celebrated, mathematicians, teachers, math students and among others has been celebrating the day by recitals, pie baking and eating contests, and other math related activities.

The irrationality of the Pi remained a questions since the geniuses discovered it. Though it is impossible to know it, this Pi has helped a lot especially in the world of mathematics which applies in our daily lives.

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