Manny Pacquiao’s Theme Song: Fighting Pride Lyrics

Manny Pacquiao is not only a boxer for he is also a politician and a singer. He also loves to dedicate every fight for his country, the Philippines. In fact last September 2010 Team Pacquiao launched the official theme song for world champion boxer Manny Pacquiao.

The song is entitled “Fighting Pride” and is sang by Rag Rag. It is a mix of song and rap. It also emphasizes Pacquiao’s previous fights and the importance of every battle for Pacman and his country.

Tomorrow Manny Pacquiao’s Song “Fighting Pride” will surely be one of the most popular songs to be played. The seven-time world champion had many fans around the world be it Filipino or non-Filipinos.

Now here is the Manny Pacquiao song, “Fighting Pride” lyrics and song.

Intro words by Manny Pacquiao:

Deliver me from this fight
To honor you and my country

Drum of War (Intro Theme)

He stays a humble guy
From Sarangani Mindanao
His passion is in the ring

He never talks trash
Speaks through his mighty hand
He will dispose off anyone

Approach Roach to coach
(He’s got the heart of gold)
The rise of the greatest champ
(Rising Manny is our champ)

The crowd they’re going wild
They love his exciting fights

Pacquiao!, Number one pound for pound
Pacquiao!, Faster than the speed of light
Pacquiao!, You’re gonna fear for your life

Pacquiao!, Filipino fighting pride
Pacquiao!, Power punch when he strikes
Pacquiao!, Knocks you out to terminate

La Cucaracha that created dinamita
All the legends in the ring have lost a big problema
De La Hoya, threw in the towel
So he better change his name to golden girl the Mexicana
Understand that Filipino number 1
Pacman the one, will be the only one,
Smash you to the ground, taking all the crown.
Pound for pound!, round for round!,

No wonder Erik, Morales got knocked out
Marco Antonio Barrera got knocked out
Ricky Hatton can’t believe he got knocked out
He was messin with the best, he went down like the rest

REPEAT Chorus x2:

Side to side southpaw
Kamao ng Filipino – (Fist of the Philippines)

Guitar Solo to Ending

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