Manny Pacquiao: Up for Another Boxing Fight

The boxing champion of the Philippines, Manny Pacquiao, was able to secure a congressional seat in one of the provinces in his country. Similar to all his fights, his victory in this congressional bout has been a landslide win. He got numerous votes against his opponents. It is now being questioned if he would still his boxing career or concentrate in politics.

When being asked for his next fight after he defeated Clottey, he said that his decision would depend on his mother’s decision. After his congressional victory, he asked again and he mentioned that he was allowed by his mom to have one last fight. The tentative date would be on November 6 or 13. The question now is that who will be Pacquiao fighting against with.

Everyone has been eager to him fighting against Floyd Mayweather. They were set to fight against each other before but it was cancelled due to condition issues of Mayweather. “If Mayweather wants to fight Manny, then no problem, provided he doesn’t try to bully us into terms and conditions,” said chief financial adviser Michael Konzc.

You can freely place your comments to whom will be his next opponent.

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