Manila Bus Hostage Taking Aftermath and Latest Update

Manila Bus Hostage Taking Aftermath and Latest Update – the bloody end to the Manila Bus hostage taking at the Quirino Grandstand in Manila, Philippines is still a hot topic and hot issue until today. On August 23, 10 Hong Kong nationals suffer a deadly end to their life on the hands of former Police Senior Inspector Rolando Mendoza.

There are various speculations as to what should have been done during the incident. The video below proposes some very accurate actions that should have been taken up during the hostage crisis. The video also says, although unverified that the Hong Kong Chief Executive tried to call President Benigno Aquino but he was unreachable.


In Facebook, some FIlipino users had received hate messages from Chinese and Hong Kong nationals using Facebook. The photos of students and policemen within the vicinity of the bus also received lots of hate comments.

The Hong Kong government had also announced that there will be no salary raise for all Filipinos working in Hong Kong. The Philippine consulate in Hong Kong and the HK government denies that this is a retaliation for what happened in Manila.

Another video created by a Chinese website and animator also circulated in YouTube. The video is an animated re-enactment of the Manila Bus hostage taking. The said video can be browsed at WWNN.

China and the Hong Kong government had also declined sending a high level delegation from the Philippines led by Vice President Jejomar Binay.  Hong Kong said that they would prefer the investigations to be done first before anything was talked about.

2 thoughts on “Manila Bus Hostage Taking Aftermath and Latest Update

  1. they call themselves,., POLICE, , , hey go back to school will ya?? !!
    ur such a BIG DISGRACE,.,.,

  2. I have watched the GMA coverage onthe hostage taking live on the same day it happened and i truly believe that full tolerance has not been followed on this, the govt representative/s have not properly handled the situation. I do believe and felt that the hostage taker was very much emotionally depressed at that time, he wanted to get attention and symphaty or reconsideration of his case, i also believe that he really felt bad about the decision of the ombudsman removal of his service and without compensation for his 20 years service, the guy is a family man and works hard during his service, one could imagine 20 yrs hardwork gone with the wind of course one would be devastated especially if one is not guilty. Lets take for granted that the guy is guilty of whatever, but because there are many lives threathened that time, and the hostage taker specifically said he does need any money but only after his job back – if i am the go between person, i will asked the authorites to give in to his demand then after the release of all the hostages and disarming him, i will arrange the authorities to capture him for rehabilitation and his demand for pension could then be discussed further and settled amicably to prevent him from doing another untoward act against the government or himself.

    I would say that even the people in raising arms against the government living Mindanao areas should be handled not by arms or killing each other but with strong diplomacy. Those persons are very depressed people too, feeling being neglected, abandoned by the government. People there should be rehabilitated, govt should provide them real and faithful assistance thru decent jobs to give their families decent living, free education for their children, proper housing, their living places development – to be urbanised properly. Aquino should look into this areas seriously. Also, would like to take this opportunity to send this message to PNoy, i always pray for your safety and wisdom, may you fulfill all your promises, i am one Noynoy admirer, i truly admire your father’s wit and strength and dreams for the Philippines to rise up and be a well developed country and for our people to live in affluence and be free from poverty. I would very much request you to look into developing, improving, building more and enough good government schools from primacy to secondary, for you to focus on education that some presidents in the past has forgotten. I would very much recommend that you increase the salary of all teacher govt and private to double than what they are receiving right now. Teachers and medical providers i.e. doctors and nurses in the government hospitals and all civil servants esp the military force, remove the pork barrel for all the senators, governors, congressman. increase 2x or even 3x the salary of the street and all low paying jobs of all government servants.

    Mr. President PNoy i knew from my heart that you are not a corrupt person and will not be corrupted by anyone on anything because i believe you have the heart of your father and mother and most especially my prayers and all my intercessory friends always praying for you and lifting you up to the Lord, i knew with your leadership, and God’s guidance and protection, you will raise our country the Philippines from poverished nation to a developed and affluent country.

    so that the hostage taking will never occur in our country again,never again.
    May God bless the Philippines and Pnoy and all cabinet and govt officials from street cleaners to the top govt officials.

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