Manchester United (MU) vs. Bayern Munich Scores and Results

UEFA Champions League: In one of the latest matches of the UEFA Champions League, Manchester United won over Bayern Munich (Munchen) in score of 3-2. However, that wining was not enough. The two UEFA teams met for the second leg of the competition of their quarterfinals match on Tuesday, April 6, at Old Trafford in Stretford, Greater Manchester.

A lot expected that Wayne Rooney, Manchester United’s number 1 player, would not be able to join the game due to an ankle ligament tear that he suffered on March 30. However, surprisingly, he appeared in the list of starters who faced Manchester United’s game.

Manchester United began the match well and immediately took the lead against Bayern Munich in a score of 2-0 through goals accomplished by Darron Gibson and Nani. They managed to widen it to 3-0 with four minutes remaining on the clock before break.

However, Manchester United’s lead was halted when Ivica Olic scored two minutes before half time to setup a tense second frame as United led 3-1 (4-3 on aggregate).

Bayern Munich dominated the second half of the game. In the 75th minute, Arjen Robben volleyed brilliantly direct from a corner, after Carrick had released Bayern carelessly. Robben’s connection was perfect, arrowing into the far, bottom corner sending Bayern winning an away goal for Manchester United.

Overall, Manchester United managed to score 3 goals but Bayern Munich recovered with 2 of their own. The aggregate score for the 2 legs is 4-4. Bayern ousted Manchester United from the UEFA Champions League on away goals.

18 thoughts on “Manchester United (MU) vs. Bayern Munich Scores and Results

  1. could’nt beleive man u ‘ll get ousted in such a manner……
    for india champion’s leage seems 2 b a dull affair now….

    hope they climb 2 the top of premiumship table now….

  2. its really dismal that man u lost on away goal aggregate…they shud win epl..hope wud b no more fun watchn the uefa finals

  3. hard luck better luck next time but man u played excellent in first half rather then second why it happend i cant belive

  4. Very sad that we are out!Hard luck! BUT I will remain a faithful supporter of Man United- the people’s team

  5. MANU’s never been good this season nd now they are getting choked to death. C.Ronaldo & Rooney are/were their only strenghts…now they are a bunch of useless jokers running up & down the field. As for the league title…Blues have alredy kicked their a**es! So stop nagging & be prepared to get relegated the next season.

  6. its hard for manu after seeing such defeat ……
    manu leading 3-0 but still not able to save their lead …….
    now we will see a new champions of champions league…….

  7. This is just another fact to confirm the truth that German teams have the strongest mentality and focus to win
    and again another fact to prove that Manchester united are just a bunch of noobs wearing red with a lucky bastard called Rooney who scored all his goals by chance and boxing abilities.

    See you in the champions league next year if you qualify, we will be there, will you? HAHAHA

  8. No surprises. German teams are known for their persistance. Coming back from 3 down and eliminating MUtd, Great job Munchen.

    Would like to see Barca Vs Munchen in finals

    MUTD out, doesn’t mean Champions league is over for Indians.

  9. Man U should lost..they did not play as good as play as a team but Man Un hoping only at rooney..
    robben,you are the best player that night.

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