Man Happily Read Jokes With Rotting Girlfriend’s Corpse For A Month

A New Zealander happily lived through with a rotting corpse of his Thai girlfriend for a month.
Gordon Hieatt, 47, pleaded not guilty over the murder of Nuttidar Vaikaew last year in Auckland High Court, news agency New Zealand Press Association reported.
Prosecutor Rachael Reed said Hieatt killed sex worker Vaikaew in the latter’s Auckland apartment. Her body was left to rot after she was strangled to death.
The prosecutor told the court that the accused placed a dressing gown over the corpse’s head and then carried on living his life as normal.
She said that Vaikaew’s landlord went to the apartment to check on overdue rent, three-and-a-half weeks after the death, and noticed a strong smell when Hieatt answered the door.
Police found an electric fan pointed at the corpse to try to minimize the stench when they went to investigate.
“The smell was indescribable and putrid, dead flies and maggots were all over the lounge and particularly on the bed,” Reed said.
She said Hieatt’s computer records showed he engaged in online chats with a sex worker in Thailand while in the apartment. He allegedly admitted the killing in his messages and he read jokes to cheer himself up.
The trial continues.

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