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Man Declared Dead in 1994 Arrested in Kidnapping Case

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A declared legally dead 16 years ago, US man has been arrested in Mississippi for the kidnapping of a girl whose body was found in Louisiana.

According to court documents, Mr. Sanders was dead by a Mississippi court in 1994 and has abandoned his family in 1987.

FBI said, “However, we now know that he is still alive and has ties to several states across the country.”

Mr Sanders is suspected to be involved in the abduction of the 12-year-old Lexis Roberts who was found dead earlier this year. The 53-year-old was wanted by police for the kidnapping of the Las Vegas girl, whose skeleton was found by hunters in October.

Police are pressing him for information on the girl’s missing mother.

Suellen Roberts, the 31-year-old mother of the girl is missing but is not suspected of her daughter’s death, instead, she fears she may also have come to harm.

Following a massive manhunt, an FBI spokeswoman said Thomas Steven Sanders had been held on Sunday at a truck stop in the Mississippi town of Gulfport.

Mr Sanders has worked as a laborer from the time he was declared legally dead, a welder and a scrap metal collector and lived in the states of Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee, Georgia and Nevada.

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