Lost TV Series Episode on April 27, 2010 moved

Some people are not reading the TV schedule of ABC’s Lost TV series. After the “The Last Recruit” that was aired last April 20, 2010, ABC decided to skip one week to air the sequel of Lost Season 6 Episode 13. Lost Season 6 Episode 14 entitled “The Candidate” will be aired next week, May 4, 2010.

I know, I know, you can’t wait to see the next episode. I’m also dying to watch “The Candidate”, but ABC is really annoying because they made us wait and suffer for a week more before we can watch next episode. As of now, there’s no update yet about Episode 14. The characters to be featured in this episode are not yet announced.

I’m so thrilled and excited what will happen in this episode as Jack decided to leave the rest of the gang and come back to the island with Locke (The Man in Black). After Widmore fired a missile to the main island, Jack was almost hit and the others were injured. Locke then grabbed Jack and brought him to the woods. Locke then said “Don’t worry, it’s gonna be ok. You’re with me now.

After that scene, I’m so curious what will happen in the next episode. How strong is the Man in Black? Can he defeat Widmore? What will happen to Sawyer, Claire, Kate, Jin and Sun after they were captured by Widmore’s people? Let’s find out next week!

Lost Season 6 Episode 14 is directed by my favorite Lost Director Jack Bender and was written by Elizabeth Sarnoff & Jim Galasso.

In this PDF file from ABC, the episode on April 27, 2010 should be Ab Aeterno (Now Season 6 Episode 9). Remember? Richard Alpert’s history and why he was immortal and why he is serving the Island for so loooongg?? I bet you remember!

I really wonder why Episode 15 of the last season of Lost was finalized first. Episode 15 will be aired on May 11, 2010. This is the most interesting and most anticipated episode that everyone must see. Season 6 Episode 15 entitled “Across the Sea” will feature two of the most mysterious characters of Lost, Jacob & Man in Black (disguised as John Locke).

Anyway, I’m already out of topic. What I should write is only about the 14th episode of Lost that is suppose to be aired today, April 27, but was moved to May 4.

I guess that’s all. Let’s just wait until next month to watch Lost Season 6 Episode 14.

And oh, before I forget, here’s a trailer of Lost Season 6 Episode 14 from ABC:

9 thoughts on “Lost TV Series Episode on April 27, 2010 moved

  1. I dunno what happened, but when i went to watch the new episode on my DVR and saw that it wasn’t there, but some episode of Glee was recorded, I went in a furious rage smashing everything in my path. For one hour, one time a week I look forward to something in this shit filled world or thing we call life. Your post saved me from doing further harm, but they better not pull any shit like that again, or give the courtasy of at least saying something.

  2. I too was pissed off. ABC has picked the last straw with me. I try to hang on and watch V, but with them dicking around with LOST so long it’s left me wondering “why do I bother”? Flash Forward is decent, but slow. Life on Mars was a great show and they s#it-canned it. And I don’t know if we’ll ever get to see Better off Ted again. All I can say is that people joke about NBC, when they should be angry with ABC.

  3. Does anyone know why the finale was moved to Sunday, May 23, 2010? I am really ticked. I planned my vacation around the finale assuming it would continue to be aired on Wednesday. Unfortunately, I can not change my vacation as we have to schedule our vacations at the beginning of each year. Also, I worked every Saturday and Sunday unless I am on vacation. I almost feel betrayed. I have been a loyal LOST fan and have NEVER missed an episode. I will not get involved with any TV program like that again….regardless of the station. They, all stations, want you to watch their programming and be loyal but they sure are not loyal to the fans.

  4. They act like they’re doing us a favor. We all know it’s all about the dollar. The networks need to learn that we get tired of having our chains yanked and stop caring about their shows fast enough already. They should stop spoon feeding us the good stuff before we get bored. With the growing amount of content available to viewers nothing is worth being frustrated over. We can always change the channel. And the delays in getting content online are equally rediculous. Airing the shows online saves them big money with the cable companies when it comes time to renew their contracts I’m sure. So please start releasing online content in tandom with the tv airing.

  5. Money isn’t an issue. They’re charging $900,000 for a commercial spot during the finale. Whether it airs Sunday or Tuesday, they’re laughing all the way to the bank.

    It’s being aired on Sunday the “23rd” of may, likely because of the numbers.

  6. THANK GOD I found this site! I was going mad trying to locate the episode. I seriously thought I was losing my mind or that hulu was playing tricks on me. Needless to say my evening has been ruined and my heart broken but I can endure an extra week. I just have to put my mind on other things besides Lost.

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