Lost 6 Episode 15: Across the Sea Recap and Revelations

The latest episode of Lost Season 6 entitled Across the Sea has been focusing to the Man in Black and Jacob, and to explaining their centuries-long feud. In this episode, the motives of John Locke or the Man in Black were finally explained.

Here is a recap of the shocking revelations in the episode:

Jacob and the Man in Black happened to be twins. They were born in the island after their mother drifted on the island. The first twin came out and he was named Jacob. The mother didn’t expect to have twins so she wasn’t able to name the other baby. That other baby was the man in black and continued to be nameless. The mother of the two boys was killed by the woman in blue after she gave birth.

The two boys were raised to believe that there was nothing out there but the island. Everything has changed after they found a group of men that was roaming around the island. This incident destroyed their belief that they were alone in the island. The man in black got increasingly curious about the outside world after this. He asked his mother if he could get out of the island but his mother didn’t allow him. Their mother showed them why they can’t leave and led them to a rock with a bright light in it. It was apparently the heart of the island and must be protected by them. It was the island’s source of life but they can’t try to go in it or something really bad will happen.

The man in black is becoming more rebellious. When he saw an apparition of their true mother in the island and told him the truth about the woman in blue he didn’t want to do anything with the woman in blue in anymore. He decided to live with the other people that was on the island. They lived like this for an undefined number of years. Jacob lived with their fake mother while the man in black lived with the others.

The rivalry between the two brothers increased when the man in black murdered their mother. Jacob got mad at him and threw him inside the cave where the mysterious light was located. After that the smoke monster came out of it and the body of his brother drifted somewhere.

Jacob placed the corpse of his mother and the man in black side by side and put the black and white chips on his hand. This was the Adam and Eve corpse that was shown in Season 1.

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