Lopez and Tyler Officially Join American Idol 10 as Judges

The long wait is finally over. American Idol has finally announced the new judges who will be joining Randy Jackson. They’re gonna be Jennifer Lopez and Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler. Fox has official introduced the two in The Forum which has been surrounded by the hopefuls who were to audition on the first step toward becoming the 10th American Idol.

Lopez just wanted to meet the next Michael Jackson among the millions of hopefuls while Tyler wants to bring some rock to this roller coaster. Lopez is going to get $12 million for one year on the top-rated talent contest, as what has been posted TMZ.com.

Fox has brought back the usual 3-judge set-up of the singing reality show which has been changed into 4 since DioGuardi joined Cowell, Abdul and Jackson on the Previous season. When Abdul left, a guest judges joins the other 3 and last season the talk show host Ellen DeGeneres appeared regularly.

For the 10th season this coming January, only Jackson left among the the veteran judges of the show. The loss of Cowell has been anticipated to cause a drop the ratings next season. Whether you would admit or not, his absence in Idol would really be a great roll. It’s just like saying that without Cowell, Idol wouldn’t be Idol anymore. He quited on the show because he will part of Fox’s American version of the Brit series X Factor.

Let’s all give these new set of judges a chance to prove themselves and they won’t chosen after all if they don’t deserve it.

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