Long Beach Marathon 2010 Results Now

Long Beach Marathon 2010 began earlier at 7am.  Tourists and nearby neighbors often join marathons at Long Beach because of its scenic view with 80% of the track within ocean sight.  Indeed, it has become a running tourist attraction. The breathtaking view of the ocean, the charming communities on the seaside and the metropolitan feel is surely overwhelming and invigorating for the running athletes.

The track also is mostly flat, meaning, there is not much inclination or elevation.  The highest elevation throughout the track is just around 45 feet.

Starting line is on Shoreline drive and it will pass by the Villages by the shoreline and many more landmarks that will sure be an enjoying experience to all who joined.  Landmarks that they will see are the lighthouse at Rainbow Harbor, Queensway Bridge and many more.

The results of the Long Beach Marathon 2010 with photos, videos and news write-ups are made available on the Long Beach official website.  Results of the Long Beach Marathon 2010 can be found here.

This is the course map of the Long Beach Marathon 2010.

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