Lohan Lashes Perez on Twitter

Lindsay Lohan took out the lashing on celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton on Twitter after the latter has been picking on Lohan’s 16-year old sister. Perez apparently provoked the Twitter Face Off by making the following Twitter Update:

“Don’t you have more important things to do? You know, like being a good influence on Ali and taking her out to pAArty?!”

The status was tweeted Saturday morning, and come the evening the provoked actress made a tweet hitting back on Perez:

“Humpty Dumpty fell of a wall, no WAIT… it’s @perezhilton !”

Perez then re-tweeted “Game on!” and linked his tweet with URLs of the past issues of Lindsay Lohan, in which LiLo in turn tweet bombed Perez with his unflattering photos.

Perez Hilton has been far an outspoken critic of Lindsay Lohan both on Twitter and on his blog for the past few weeks already. If you readers are interested in following the friction between the two on Twitter, here’s Lindsay Lohan’s Twitter Account and Perez Hilton’s Twitter Account.

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