Live Tracking Coverage of the Oregon Portland Marathon 2010

Thousands of people today, October 10, 2010 (10-10-10) are participating in runs.  The Chicago Marathon 2010 is still happening and same as Oregon Portland Marathon 2010.

The event catered to a 26.2 mile marathon, half marathon and 10 km Mayor’s walk.  Marathon began at 7am.  Starting line is at S.W. Fourth Avenue and Taylor Street while the finish line is at the S.W. Third Ave. just right in front of the Justice Center.  This run involves 12,000 runners plus another 3,000 half-marathon participants.

A lot of other activities are happening in the race right after.  The full pdf file of the Portland Marathon 2010 route can be found on their official website.

Do you have a friend running?  If you do, you can track them and check out their progress Live on Portland Marathon 2010’s official website here.  People making it to the finish line will also be given seedlings for their environmental advocacy.  Those are a lot of trees and it will be really helpful to battle climate change.

Did you join the Portland Marathon 2010 yourself?  How was the run?  Share your thoughts below on the comment section

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