Live Action Pokemon Apocalypse Movie Trailer

The Pokemon Black and White‘s release last September 22, 2010 drove a craze worldwide.  Finally, Pokemon trainers have new maps and a new game to play on the land of Pokemon.  New Pokemon species are also added in the Pokedex.  In it’s previous Pokemon release, the Pokemon Platinum, they had tons of Wi-fi related interactive games.  Pokemon gamers will have new stuff to experience with the new Pokemon Black and White series.  Do check out reviews and walk-abouts of the Pokemon game through Pokemon related forums and websites.

Not only is the Pokemon craze up and high in the clouds, it is getting creatively crazy!  Some folks produced this trailer video of Pokemon Apocalypse.  A lot of people are confused whether this is a real movie or not.  Personally, I say, this must be just a creatively made trailer.  I won’t say it’s fake because it’s not.  I’m just saying, this might just be a product of a group of Pokemon gamers’ passion for the game – thus the Pokemon Apocalypse Movie concept was born and is now viral on the net.

Pokemon had a movie before but it is an animated one.  This time, real people play the role.  The cast are all adults though.  No kids!  I would have wanted to see cute kids there.  Anyway, check out the new non-animated Pokemon Apocalypse trailer movie here.

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