Listen Up Paris Hilton!

Listen up Paris Hilton, Rod Stewart has some fatherly advice for you if you want to turn your life around.

Yes, even the ageing rocker is weighing in on Paris Hilton’s latest run-in with the law, telling her to “give up the drugs”.

Here’s what Stewart had to say to Paris, “You know move on, there’s other things, you don’t need em,” he says.

He added, “She’s a beautiful girl. We’ve all done it, but I’ve never been a druggie sort of person so I’ve always been against it.”

Stewart show of concern for Hilton stems from the fact that she was a friend of his party girl daughter Kim Stewart, but that the two no longer see each other. 

A few days ago Hilton, 29, and boyfriend Cy Waits, 34, were jailed and charged — she with felony drug possession, he with DUI.

The couple were partying in Vegas when their black Escalade was pulled over on the Strip after cops smelled what they believed was marijuana smoke wafting out from the windows. They searched the SUV and a small bag of cocaine in her bag.

At first Hilton’s excuse was that the purse wasn’t hers, but she later changed her tune and said she thought the contents of the clear bag was gum.

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