List of Scents for Lady Gaga’s Line of Perfume

Famous for being weird, Lady Gaga has been leaving her legacy in the world. For all her out of this world songs, music videos, hairstyles, and even outfits, Lady Gaga has gained much attention and fame. She even call her fans as her little monsters which is actually weird. Despite her weirdness, it can’t be denied that she has been idolized by millions.

Her music has gained much recognitions. One perfect example is her Bad Romance which actually brought her 7 awards in the recently concluded MTV Music Awards 2010. He meat dress during the night also added the reason for the spotlight to be right on her.

Latest news for the singer right now the revelation of her up coming line of perfumes. According to Women’s Wear Daily, the singer has inked a deal with Coty Inc. to release fragrances under her name. The first Lady Gaga perfume is expected to hit store shelves in spring 2012.

A lot of names for her perfume has been suggested online like Bad Romance, Alejandro, and Telephone. All of of the mentioned are from the titles of her singles. If this line of perfume would released, it has been expected to be out of this world for sure and not just any other names out there. This project would surely be a hit once more.

If given a chance to name some of it, what would it be? Please include a brief description of it as well.

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