List of Halloween Party Food Ideas for 2010

It’s Halloween season! It is already expected that Halloween Parties will be a big hit on this day. In fact, kids are already looking forward to dressing up with their best Halloween Costumes and they’re ready to scare their teachers and classmates in school. Even some families and organizations are conducting their yearly Halloween Celebration.

Preparing for the best Halloween Party Food can be a big challenge especially for on the part of the organizers. Since Halloween shows creativity in costumes, it is also required that we also apply it in the food being served.

We asked around and interviewed some of the most in-demand Halloween Party Organizers to compile the Top 10 Halloween Party Food Ideas. Here’s the result of our survey:

1. Halloween Cupcakes

2. Halloween Donuts

3. Mummy Hot Dogs

4. Slime Gelatin

5. Brain Blobs

6. Jello Shots

7. Mexican Burritto

8. Ghost Sandwiches

9. Halloween Pastries

10. Pumpkin Seeds

Do you agree with the result of the survey? We asked around fifty reliable party organizers for this article. In reality, the food being served don’t really matter as long as the October 31st is being spent with the people we want to be with. Have a Happy Halloween!

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