Lisa Rinna’s Lip Service

Lisa Rinna has always been known for her “over-sized” lips, a fact she acknowledged by saying that she does not want to be known for her lips anymore – this was after she decided to undergo cosmetic procedure to reduce the size of her “enormous” lips.

According to Lisa, she had silicone injected into her lips as far back as 24 years ago. And, although she did not elaborate on the frequency of the injections, she said she thought that when she had silicone injected into her lips that it will stay there permanently, and that nothing can bring back her bee-stung kissers to “normal” size ever again.

So, when she was presented with the idea of “reducing” her lips she was all for it. The result is a more “natural-looking” Lisa Rinna who shares the spotlight with her husband Harry Hamlin in the reality show “Harry loves Lisa”.

Harry, on the other hand, is the ever-supportive hubby who looked pleased when they went on the Today show to do some sort of “big reveal”.

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