Lion Attack Caught on Tape at MGM Resort: Safety Protocol Defended

There has been scary scene at the MGM resort recently wherein a lion in the MGM resort attacked its trainer. The incident was caught on tape horrifying the visitors on that day. The video showed a lion and a lioness inside a habitat the MGM Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada together with two trainers.

The lions seemed to be relaxed at first. Lying down and just stayed calm. After sometime, the male lion suddenly stood up and approached the trainer nearest to him and wrestled him down. The trainer was able to survive the attack with the help of the other trainer while he continues to stalk him.

The trainer was treated and released from the hospital after the incident earlier this month, MGM Resorts spokesman Gordon Absher said in a statement Wednesday. as has been posted in CNN.

CNN asked Dave Salmoni, a big cat expert for Animal Planet on his opinion for this incident and he said that the lion appeared to try to show his dominance over the trainer after the man “stiffened” when the animal turned his gaze on him. “What that tells the lion is: that guy’s nervous,” Salmoni said, adding that the lion interprets that nervousness into a need to dominate.

MGM Resorts spokesman Gordon Absher assured that the handlers “uphold the highest safety standards at all times.” He added also that incidents wherein handlers were bitten are less likely happening or very rare.

Here is the video of the attack posted by titusellis in Youtube.

One thought on “Lion Attack Caught on Tape at MGM Resort: Safety Protocol Defended

  1. Hallo,

    I have seen lion attacks bevor and if a lion attack someone it looks different! My idea to this video is, that the lion didn`t want to start an attack but he wanted to defense his district. His manner was not aggressive and the humans have got a chance to reassure him.

    nice greetings from Austria


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