Lindsay Suffering from What… a “Disease”???

According to her new lawyer, Robert Shapiro, Lindsay Lohan could be suffering from a “disease”, one that he is “all too familiar with” having lost his son Brent to substance abuse in 2005.

Say that again for me will you… suffering from a “disease”? I never knew drug addiction and poor judgment can be contracted like you would any other infection. As far as I know substance abuse or the propensity to abuse drugs, alcohol or any other addicting substances does not have a pathological basis. It does not come from a virus or an airborne bacteria, correct me if I am wrong, please.

Sans any scientific evidence to the contrary, I am more inclined to believe that Lindsay’s behavior is more the result of her upbringing, or lack of it. She was her family’s meal ticket at such an early age, and this could have led to her being spoiled rotten and getting everything she wants… all the time. Of course it is but natural to want to keep the “goose that lays the golden eggs” always happy, don’t you think?

Maybe Dina Lohan should join her daughter at Pickford. She definitely needs sobering up or at least a reality check. I saw her interview with E! Online (or was it the Insider?) where she had the audacity to say that her daughter has been treated by the legal system unfairly and that her daughter’s career will not need resurrecting after she has served time in jail and in rehab because Lindsay’ career is doing just fine. Huh?

I don’t know where Dina gets her data, but the truth is Lindsay’s career is almost not existent by Hollywood standards. The only reason why she is still in the news is because of her numerous run-ins with the law or because she has hooked up with a new girlfriend. Other than that she would have faded into oblivion.

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