Lindsay Lohan Wants Family Time

Lindsay Lohan wants family time. Awww ain’t that sweet?

But I am going bet my bottom dollar that it is just a ploy to get on Judge Marsha Revel’s good side hoping she (Lindsay Lohan) will not have to go straight to rehab after her brief (think 2 weeks) jail stint.

Shawn Chapman Holley said her (on-again) client, Lindsay does not want special treatment, but is hoping she would not have to go straight to rehab right after she gets out of jail. Quite the contradiction, don’t you think? Does not want special treatment but wants to be allowed to circumvent the judge’s order that she reports to a three-month residential rehab program no longer than 24 hours after she’s released.

“She’d like to spend some time with her family, and there’s at least some question as to whether or not she’ll have to go directly to rehab,” Holley told reporters after her Tuesday visit to her “notoriously bratty” client.

Holley added that she would be approaching Revel about Lindsay’s plight because it wasn’t fair for Lohan to be forced to go straight to rehab immediately after her jail stint.

(Yeah, like it was fair that Lindsay violated her parole and continued to drink and drive even after she has been ordered not to.)

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  1. if she wants family time then give it too here all stars run the world dont you get it… do what we say you are our bitch and the same gos for politicains and atulites

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