Lindsay Lohan vs. Michael Lohan

There is just no love lost between estranged father and daughter, Michael and Linday Lohan, respectively. While it seems that Michael is the only voice of reason in Lindsay’s life after that interview of Dina Lohan who appeared to be needing a reality check, Lindsay has slapped him with a cease and desist “request” through her attorney.

The object their legal bickering these days are some personal diaries allegedly written by Lindsay during her stint at the Cirque Lodge Rehabilitation Center in Utah in 2007.

According to Lindsay’s cease and desist request, Michael was trying to sell the said diaries which Lindsay did not even know was in his possession.

In the document sent to Michael’s legal representative Lisa Bloom on August 23, the actress warns she will seek damages for ‘grave invasion of privacy’ if her father sells any of her personal belongings.

Tsk, tsk… no love lost I tell you. And for Michael, if he indeed tried to sell his daughter’s personal diaries – appalling.

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