Lindsay Lohan Poisoned Just Like Everyone Else

A recent video from released a video for everyone to be made aware of their certain concern.  Lindsay Lohan may indeed be truly poisoned, but everyone else is or is easily exposed to this harmful product. made it a very smart strategy to use Lindsay Lohan’s notoriety and vulnerability in the news lately to trigger mass curiosity on what could possible have poisoned the already troubled young woman – Lindsay Lohan.

And for the question “Why Lindsay Lohan and not some other celebrity?” Well, that is up to them.  What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Lindsay Lohan Poisoned Just Like Everyone Else

  1. Alex Jones and staff and is one of the hardest working tell the story as it is Journalist I know of today! I have seen the proof in that his news and journalism is by far the best quality that can be attained in these times!

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  2. Not many in the know would want to use psychotic drugs those who decide to take it always will have side effects of these poison. As to the 2 moons we had them in Arcadian’s times. The other was called Lilith and was really a space ship of reptoid invaders called gods by some crazy xstians till today. They use the remaining moon ship to pick up the rest of our gold and other precious metals and leave soon in couple of hundred years. Your goberment dont want u to find out that all the gold is gone (and already on the moon) and they even buying up all the gold from the people so soon we will be left just with the green useless paper.

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