Lindsay Lohan Loses Lawyer Robert Shapiro

Lindsay Lohan is expected to appear 8:30 am today at the Beverly Hills Courthouse. After which she is scheduled to be transported to the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood.

But, it looks like she might appear before the judge alone as lawyer Robert Shapiro has quit handling her case, reportedly after being irked at how Lohan behaved at his Pickford Lofts sobering facility where Lohan checked in last Thursday.

Lohan was reportedly unruly and was having people come over even at odd times of the night. She was said to have had a tough weekend, biting her nails and chain-smoking as she dreaded to go to jail.

It is now unclear who will be representing Lohan in today’s court proceedings. Calls to Shapiro and Shawn Chapman Holley, the attorney Shapiro was supposed to be replacing, were not immediately returned.

However, since Holley never signed the legal paperwork officially removing herself as Lohan’s counsel, she just might have to make a last-minute court appearance.

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