Lindsay Lohan is Out: What’s Next For Her?

The young celebrity Lindsay Lohan who has been on the headlines of so many Showbiz news would finally be out of rehab. The young star who has been through tough times because of several failures in complying the judge’s orders for her two DUI (Driving Under Influence) cases would be going back to work immediately.

Her rehab release was made earlier as the doctors of the psychiatric facility couldn’t see any reason to retain her inside the rehab. They discovered that her mental illness is not as severe as they expected it to be. The doctors agreed that she can continue her treatment through out patient care.

Being back to work is a very vague issue for Lohan. She can indeed go back to work but to which part of her work it may be is not yet sure. Some are speculating that she can join reality shows such as Dancing With the Stars and Celebrity Apprentice. A show insider tells Life & Style, “Lindsay is the perfect candidate. Who wouldn’t want to see Lindsay do it?” towards Lohan joining DWTS.

Meanwhile, the star’s official confirmation about her presence in the show has been discussed by the producer of the show, Donald Trump. He said, “We haven’t made a decision. We just want her to be 100 per cent, get better and be strong.”

Which show would you want Li-Lo to appear again first?

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