Lindsay Lohan Going to Jail (Again!)

This is not a case of re-posting an old article nor is it déjà vu… except maybe for Lindsay Lohan herself.

Not even a month had passed after she got the go-signal to leave the rehab center and she is headed back in again – to jail. Her probation was recently revoked and a bench warrant was issued for her arrest after she failed a random drug test, not once, but twice!

Lohan first tested positive for cocaine and then failed another random drug test for ampethamines the next time around. She is due to appear back in court on Friday, and until then her arrest warrant has been put on hold. Looks like she is headed back to the slammer as soon as the judge’s gavel lands.

Judge Elden Fox is expected to mete out a 30-day jail time for Lohan.

I hope this stubborn actress, who adamantly refuses to get her life back on  the right track, gets to serve all 30 days because she deserves every single minute of it. Failing a random drug test once should have made her do a reality check already, to fail a second one is really asking for trouble with the law again.

Well, since it seems her wild ways and addiction are more deeply-rooted than what a 14-day jail stint and 23 days of rehab can cure, she really deserves to stay in jail longer.

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