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Lindsay Lohan Gets Out on $300,000 Bail

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Lindsay Lohan is once again free as a bird. The price of her freedom came at a hefty $300,000, but I’m sure she would rather shell out even her bottom dollar instead of spending more time locked up.

So, late Friday night she was once again whisked away from her “home away from home”, that is the Century Regional Correctional Facility, to the disappointment of the paparazzi thronged outside.

Judge Elden Fox did keep his word to order the incarceration of Lohan without bail. However, his ruling was overturned by Judge Patricia Schnegg, assistant supervising judge for the Los Angeles Criminal Courts, who reviewed, considered and stamped her approval on Lohan’s lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley’s writ of habeas corpus filed on Friday evening.

Schnegg overturned the earlier ruling of Judge Fox and set the amount after Lohan’s attorney had argued that it was unlawful for the actress to be remanded without bail for 30 days while awaiting her Oct. 22 probation hearing.

Judge Patricia Schnegg, however, set a few rules for Lohan to follow: She will be required to report back to authorities within 24 hours to be fitted for yet another SCRAM bracelet and she is to “stay out of places where [alcoholic beverages] are the chief item of sale.”

Lohan is also not allowed to possess any drugs or socialize with any known drug users, and she must be willing to submit to a law-enforcement search at any time, “with or without a warrant, probably cause or reasonable suspicion

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