Lindsay Lohan a VIP in Jail?

Lindsay Lohan has been locked up for merely two days and she is already receiving “special treatment” in jail?

Reports say that Lindsay is already receiving visitors despite the Century Regional Detention Facility’s policy that family and friends of inmates are only allowed to visit during weekends. Her mom, Dina and sister Ali were seen getting out of a BMW and were said to have stayed about an hour with Lindsay in jail.

The only exception to these weekend visits are supposed to be the inmates’ lawyers, who are allowed to drop during the week, probably to provide timely legal counseling or to discuss legal matters. Lindsay’s lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley already did drop by last Tuesday, shortly after her client was admitted to the Lynwood facility.

Others expected to drop by and pay Lindsay a visit are ex-girlfriend, Samantha Ronson, who was listed by Lindsay as an approved guest, and dad, Michael Lohan who despite not being in the said approved list vowed to drop by anyway this weekend.

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