Lindsay Going Straight to Rehab

Finally, somebody seems to have their heads screwed on straight as far as the case of Lindsay Lohan is concerned.

Lohan is getting out of jail sooner than her 90-day sentence and even earlier than the 22 days legal kibitzers were predicting would be the longest she would be in the slammer. Yes, she is said to be getting out this Sunday.

Fortunately, she will be heading straight to rehab – whether she will be staying for the whole 90 days Judge Marsha Revel sentenced her to is another matter. I will not be surprised if even her rehab time is cut short. I hope not, though, as she seriously needs to straighten up before she ends up like Anna Nicole Smith or Corey Haim who ended up dead after taking a lethal cocktail of prescription drugs.

As her own (though estranged) father has revealed, Lindsay is using quite a number of prescription drugs even in jail. While there is nothing wrong with allowing an inmate to continue receiving medication even while doing time, the problem with Lindsay is that she might have gotten some unscrupulous doctors to prescribe her the meds.

According to Michael Lohan’s lawyer, Lindsay has access to opiates, amphetamines and morphine even while on lock-up.

This has prompted Michael Lohan to ask his lawyer to petition California Attorney General Jerry Brown to conduct an investigation on the doctors who might have “negligently and fraudulently” over-prescribed prescription medication to Lindsay

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