LG Electronics Decides To Have New Chief

LG Electronics now changes their top chief amidst their struggle for their smartphone business. They remained silent these past few months as rivals has been releasing new products. The company has come under sales and profit this year in cellphones, and its market share fell to 10% in the second quarter from 11% a year ago. In fact, it was just recently that they released a new smartphone they called Optimus One. This device would be sold by 120 carriers worldwide as what the company said.

The former chief Nam Yong stepped down Friday as the company offered him to resign “to take responsibility for the flagging performance”. He will be replaced by Koo Bon-joon, the brother of the chairman of parent company LG Group. He is the brother of the chairman of the LG conglomerate. Usually the company changes its management at the near end of the year but this time, they are giving the new chief an ample time to get ready for next year’s innovations.

Aside from LG, another mobile company changed their chief lately. It is Nokia. Both companies has been struggling to keep up with the famous Apple and Research In Motion Inc. which has been the leading suppliers of mobile phones nowadays.

LG and Nokia has been famous before but needs to more innovative this time and be flexible to what the consumers wants. Now they are changing management, surely they would be up to a whole new things next year. Everyone has been looking forward for it.

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