Levi Johnston’s Biggest Regret: Apologizing to Sarah Palin

If William Baldwin were to ask Levi Johnston, “What was the one big mistake that you did in your life? And what did you do to make it right?”

Levi will most likely not answer that his biggest mistake (or regret for this matter) was posing for Playgirl, or his on-again-off-again relationship with Bristol Palin with whom he has a son and was twice engaged to.

According to Johnston, his biggest and only regret is a public apology he made to his famous would-be mother-in-law, Sarah Palin.

Johnston added, “That was something I did to make my (then) fiancée happy.”  It will be remembered that he and the former vice presidential candidate, Palin, infamously traded insults via the press following his early 2009 breakup with Palin’s daughter, Bristol.

In the same interview Johnston said, “I don’t really regret anything. But the only thing I wish I wouldn’t have done is to put out that apology [to Palin and the Palin family]… Cause it kind of makes me sound like a liar. And I’ve never lied about anything. So that’s probably the only thing. The rest of the stuff I can live with.”

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