Let’s Celebrate Arbor Day 2010 by Planting Trees

With today’s increased housing projects, a lot of trees are cut off to convert mountains to subdivisions. Therefore, it is not a surprise why floods are common to these areas when rainy season comes.

Trees are the foundation of our environment. They provide shelter, oxygen, and control flood. Today, April 30, 2010, we celebrate Arbor Day 2010 in the US. Arbor Day is a national holiday in which various individuals and organizations are encouraged to plant and care for trees. It is the call for all of us to have a healthier ecosystem for our own benefit.

In today’s Arbor Day 2010 celebration, we should therefore be united to go to our eco-parks to plant more plants and trees. Alternatively, you could also plant more plants in your very own garden in your backyard.

Also, you might as well sponsor a tree in your park, give tree cards to your friends, and encourage your co-workers to organize a tree planting event. There’s much more you can do this Arbor Day 2010. Let’s save our planet Earth. Let’s plant more trees. Happy Arbor Day to all!

3 thoughts on “Let’s Celebrate Arbor Day 2010 by Planting Trees

  1. Your first sentence alone contains three sweeping generalizations that cannot be supported with facts or data. What aweful journalism. Typical uninformed, eco-friendly, liberal-biased hogwash.

  2. Dean,
    Do you have evidence to prove those statements wrong. If you do then put up and if not, well I think you know what you can do. You don’t think trees perform a vitol function for your ungrateful life? Well then Dean, stick a plastic bag over your head and see just how long you last. What did you do today to help the environment Dean?? Thats ok Dean, Jesus still loves you!!!

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