Lebron James Steriod Issues Completely Untrue

A lot has been shocked that a Cleveland player Lebron has been positive to steriods lately and has been suspended for 50 games. No other player that would come first into the minds of anyone but the famous Lebron James. A lot of queries has been coming out after the news has spread.

Well, for all Lebron James fans out there, you can already sleep well. The Lebron that has became positive with steroids is not the superstar Lebron James. He is also Lebron but his full name is Steven Lebron. He is Cleveland Indians’ minor league outfielder and he is indeed suspended for 50 games. It is not possible to the superstar Lebron James to be suspended that long because the sum of entire season’s games won’t reach 50. The Cavaliers can’t afford to let Lebron James involve into it. He should be kept clean as possible.

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