Latest Updates on Larry King Divorce Shawn Southwick

It seems that marriage is no longer an issue in couples nowadays most especially if you are in media or show business. Lucky for those who can survive at least 20 years of marriage without filing for a divorce.

After the reported progress of the divorce between Tiger Woods and his wife Elin Nordegren, another divorce issue has become imminent. Accordingly, the CNN host Larry King and his seventh wife Shawn Southwick has each filed their divorce papers in L.A. County Superior Court mentioning irreconcilable differences each one has.

Apparently, both of them are asking their respective divorce lawyers the custody of their children. Larry King is asking for joint custody of their sons while his wife Shawn Southwick is asking for primary custody of the kids, spousal and child support, and real estate including the Beverly Hills house she and King shared.

Oh well, no one really benefits from a divorce except for divorce lawyers. We should take good care of our marriage and settle the differences to avoid divorce and live a healthy and long lasting relationship with our spouses. After all, who doesn’t want peace anyway?

2 thoughts on “Latest Updates on Larry King Divorce Shawn Southwick

  1. Larry King Plunked around with his wife’s sister? At least the heart between his legs appears to be working just fine. hahaha

    Lets get serious here. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention verify life expectancy for HEALTHY American males (without heart problems) is 77.7 years. For females it’s 79.1 years.
    How old is Big Daddy KIng?

    Perhaps he has delusions of grandeur in his desire for joint custody of their young children? Nah! It appears his main concern is financial interests in not wanting his soon to be X-WIFE having primary custody of their boys.

    Their lives will be far less disruptive after his demise with Mrs. King having primary custody. He can still have unlimited time with his children.

  2. PLEASE!! Don’t leave me hanging out to dry here as the only one to comment about
    BIG DADDY LARRY KING. I think he’s at the age where his mind should go from passion to pension.
    Poor guy….He looks like he gave his pallbearers the slip. By now shouldn’t all women look the same to him? But what do i know? hahahaI


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