Latest Update on Marriage Trouble News: Sandra Bullock and Jesse James Split

The rumors started to rise out of the air after the Oscars.  Sandra Bullock won the glamorous night as Best Actress and made a very hearty speech including giving her husband Jesse James a lovely shoutout.  Apparently, the rumors go that Jesse James was cheating with Sandra at that time and he told Michelle Bombshell McGee (James’ alleged affair) that he and Sandra are split up – this is according to what Michelle stated.  Sandra’s shoutout in the Oscars proved that they are still together… Although this might have proved to be just an illusion as the marriage of Sandra Bullock and Jesse James are in trouble.

Meanwhile, since this rumors are spreading like wildfire, Sandra canceled some events in the UK just to take matters into this issue.  It is now rumored that she moved out of her house with Jesse James.  She still has not given any comments to the situation nor did Jesse James.  We will update you with the latest buzz on this issue.

Don’t know how the tattoo model Michelle Bombshell looks like?  Then click here to view some of her sexy photos.  What do you think?


Jesse James made a public apology to Sandra.  Click here to view text.

3 thoughts on “Latest Update on Marriage Trouble News: Sandra Bullock and Jesse James Split

  1. What a flippin idiot. What, did he use her to get his kids as well??? Because god knows he could not have done without her by his side.

    Right now, I am totally disgusted with these slim bags that continue to be disrespectful, hurtful and SELFISH!!! Hope the piece of ass was worth it.

    And for the one who stepped forward, YOU ARE A PIECE OF TRASH!!! These broads that hunt down men who are married…no morals and definitely zero respect for themselves’ or others they will hurt in the end.

    Hope both of you have a good life after this. I know Sandra will. Steve Huvane will not allow anything to happen with her. She’s a good girl!!! Too good for any man.

  2. Jesse James should look into his Ex-wife setting him up with this tattoo tramp. I bet she had something to do with this after losing custody just recently and seeing how Sandra was shining

  3. I sincerely hope Sandra just walks away and never looks back. Life is far too short to waste it on a scum bag like Jesse. She deserves the best from a man, as any good woman does. When women stay with losers like this, they only set themselves up for the inevitable. Once a cheater, always a cheater. If she goes back to him, she will spend the rest of her relationship with him wondering, and that is nothing but destructive to one’s self. Don’t waste a minute of life on people like him. Move on and live again. The best revenge in life against a loser is to live well and be happy.

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