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Latest Twilight Eclipse Trailer is Finally Out – Watch Eclipse Trailer Here

May 28, 2014 by · 5 Comments 

Yesterday, we had you watch the 10 second preview of the newest movie of the Twilight series – Eclipse here.  Today, the official YouTube channel of Twilight has released the 90 second trailer!  Will they release more trailers?  You will be the first one to know by subscribing to us.

Check out the sneak preview of what you can see on the new movie of twilight – Eclipse.  What do you think? Are you excited enough? In this third installment, Bella will have to make a choice.  How will the fans react?  Will the movie live up to the fan’s expectations and stay faithful to the book?  We can only see if we watch it for real.  In the meantime, enjoy this special preview.


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5 Responses to “Latest Twilight Eclipse Trailer is Finally Out – Watch Eclipse Trailer Here”
  1. Mikki says:


  2. MYLY says:

    wow, eindelijk.. maar woooow!
    dit wordt echt dagelijks bekeken totdat ik naar de bios kan!

  3. cristina says:

    I love it!!!!!!

  4. Krystal says:

    :/ fake hair, new victoria, edward still has those nasty sideburns and looks so much older than he should. Umm at least Jacob is right? :v

  5. Lillian Lugo says:

    Love it…I can’t wait to see this movie…have ready all the books.
    Love absolutely LOVE the Twilight Saga

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