Latest Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: Stewart Pregnant?

The most followed and most sought after pair in Hollywood nowadays has been raking a lot of controversies. After their last 2 movies together by Summit which are Twilight and New Moon, the two has been the topic of all showbiz news.

One of the controversies that they faced was Kristen being pregnant with Pattinson. An aussie tabloid released this one last year. It has been 8 months and Kristen doesn’t look to be pregnant. These news are just spoilers to the couples’ fame these days.

9 thoughts on “Latest Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: Stewart Pregnant?

  1. THIS IS SUCH BOLONGA!!!! or BULLS—!!! I didn’t think Summit would sink this low then BD but I guess I was wrong!! First I would have loved to think that this was true at one time BUT now IT’S ALL FOR THE CAMERA OR THE PUBLICITY!!! Of course Kristen isn’t pregnant, no one but those two know for sure if they have even been intimate together. I don’t know for sure but my guess, Rob does have many GFs in UK and Kristen and him are just co-stars. BUT then another question is what broke-up Michael and Kristen was it all for Summit too???? After all, Kristen and Michael were together for years, so what happened? is Summit and the promoters going to these lengths to many money???? THAT’S SAD IF THIS STUDIO IS DOING ALL THIS FOR THE BUCKS, THAT MEANS THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT THEIR STARS OR FANS- JUST SHOW THEM THE MONEY!!


  3. The first time they said she she was pregnant I found out I was pregnant with my third baby. I had her last week. So… Kristen should be having her so called baby about now. Hahaha!

  4. I don’t believe she’s pregnat, but it’s clear Rob&Kristen love each other..they just want to protect their love from people like some of you, who just keep on saying “They’re not together!” It’s just a promo stunt!” That’s what you think and that’s what you say, and it’s respectable, but Let me say..shame on you all, you just can say bad things about two young guys who met and now really love each other. You would like that Rob were single, becasue in your crazy mind you think that, this way, he could meet you..ahhhhhh! That’s bulbullshit! Rob has always adored Kristen, and it doesn’t care if you do not want to believe that, because Rob himself has always declared it, like he said he accepted Twilight just to stay with, what else we have to say? They’re in love and the world knows it. Some of You are blind, some of you just don’t want to see…and probably, you’ll find some pathatic excuse even when they’ll go public with their love, beacause it’s gonna happen, we just have to wait. May God Bless Robert and Kristen..

  5. Honey I totally agree with you..I mean it’s so clear! They spent the whole year together when they could..they even spent Christmas together in England with Rob’s family and friends, they are always together, she goes in London as often as she can, they were intimate since last summer after the MOvie Awards: then the kings of Leon concert, then tha Paris airport holding hands, then Christmas, then Bafta,then Remember Me première where Kris was always with Rob’s, let people talk, let tabloids wite down bullshit like that. But actions speak louder than words. Always..

  6. I totally agree with you all! the writing is on the wall! she maybe was reluctant in the begining due to her age and her previous relationship but comic con 08 really showed her true feelings for him and 09 was not that much better! I

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