Latest on Sandra Bullock: Will Not Attend Kids’ Choice Awards

Sandra Bullock, Oscar’s Best Actress for the movie Blind Side has been out of the public view ever since the infidelity issue of her husband Jesse James came out. Her representative said there has been no plans for her to attend the Kids’ Choice Awards by Nickelodeon.

It has been known that Sandra cancelled her UK premier appearance of her movie Blind Side. In the event, she has been nominated as Favorite Movie Actress for Blind Side and The Proposal along with Miley Cyrus, Megan Fox and Zoe Saldana.

Last year’s Kids’ Choice Awards, she attended with all smiles with Hugh Jackman. Her representative gave no comments on Sandra’s whereabouts.

2 thoughts on “Latest on Sandra Bullock: Will Not Attend Kids’ Choice Awards

  1. Aw….Sandra, Sandra, Sandra….how much time do you need to recover from your husband’s affairs with mistresses. His kids are not your kids with the biker. The longer you allow yourself to even consider staying with him…you can’t work it out. Or you would not be in this positiion you find yourself. Your fans will stand by you….he never will.

    Come on ….get out of hiding…JUST DO IT!! LIVE STRONG! Make the women of the world proud of you for saying NO TO ABUSE OF ANY KIND!

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